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Generelly About Our Cycling Holidays

1What can be included in a cycling holiday with Next Level Cycling?
We can plan your whole holidays and put together packages including bike rental, accommodation, transfers, guided routes, different excursions, wine tastings etc.
2How long do I have to come for?
Whatever length of time suits you! You can arrive and depart on any day of the week and stay for as many days as you like.
3Can I cycle both mountain bike and road bike during a cycling holiday?
Yes, of course. The area is perfect for a combined mountain biking and road cycling holiday. You decide how many days of mountain biking and road cycling you want.
4Do I have to ride every day?
No. It’s your holiday, so you can ride as little or as often as you like. Many of our guests take at least one day off when they’re here and take in some of the other sights and activities Costa Tropical has to offer. Please see our page of Other Activities
5Can I bring a non-cycling partner/friend/family?
Of course, non-cycling partners, friends and family are most welcome. Costa Tropical is a beautiful and relaxing place. There are plenty of things to do in addition to relaxing and enjoying the sun. Please see our page of Other Activities
6Can I come on my own?
You do not need to share a room, and yes you can come on your own. You have the option to come along with a roommate or if you are not travelling with anyone you can pay a single supplement and have a spacious hotel room all to yourself. Alternatively if you want to keep the cost down you can elect to be allocated a dorm room in a BB.
7What is included in the price?
On your booking confirmation it’s stated what’s included in your specific trip.

Our cycling holiday packages always include:
  • Secure bike storage
  • Access to our bike workshop and helpful mechanic
  • Water and snacks provided each day
  • Online photo album
The following is NOT included in the price:
  • Flights to and from Malaga
  • Participant insurance
  • Spending money
  • Lunch and dinner meals
  • Any local charges for hotel services such as laundry, telephone calls etc
8Which airport is the best to fly to?
Malaga airport is the biggest and serviced by most European countries. However, you can also fly into Granada.

If you are flying from the UK and plan to park at the airport, make sure to check out Parkhero for Manchester Airport parking and many more.
9Can I get an airport transfer?
Yes you can. We meet you at the airport when your flight arrives and return you in good time for your flight home. The airport transfer takes about 1hr from Malaga.

Weather And Clothes

1What is the weather like and what cycling clothes should I bring?
Costa Tropical enjoys a sub-tropical climate, but it can be considerably cooler in the mountains. Riders on all tours are advised to bring arm and leg warmers, gloves, and a wind jacket. Equally, the sun can be quite strong so sun block and sunglasses are recommended.
2Is it too cold to bike during the winter in Costa Tropical?
The climate on the Costa Tropical is sub-tropical with more than 320 sunny days each year and an average annual temperature of 20ºC. Costa Tropical has the warmest winter temperature on mainland Europe. Light winds from North Africa, the warm waters of the Mediterranean and the shelter provided by the nearby peaks of the Sierra Nevada give it Europe’s only sub-tropical microclimate with an average day temperature in Spring of 22ºC, in Summer, 32ºC, in Autumn, 22ºC and in Winter, 20ºC. At high altitudes it can be considerably colder.

Fitness, Levels And Tours

1How fit do I need to be?
You need to be reasonably fit which means you have to practice some kind of cardiovascular training regularly and have no medical or physical condition which would adversely affect your ability to participate. You also need basic cycling skills regarding balance and shifting gears. If you have any concerns, please contact us to discuss further.

Before your guided trip you have to sign our "Tour Participation Agreement". You can read it here:

Tour participation agreement

2What level am I?
Our guided tours are available for mountain bike and road bike in the following levels: easy, medium and expert.

Easy: 2 h moving time and 500 m elevation gain. In average you train cycling 1-2 hours/week
Medium: 3,5 h, 1200 m. 2-5 hours/week
Expert: 5 h, 2000 m. More than 5 hours/week

Figures are approximate
3How big are the groups?
Maximum of each group is 8 riders. But if you are a bigger group we can either arrange two different groups or go with more guides.
4How long are the tours?
The total riding time is usually between 2-8 hours depending on your requests. Riding days are usually from 10am to around 4 pm.

We can adjust the route, duration and times to your preferences.
5Where do we start the rides?
Normally we start at our workshop but there is a possibility to pick you up at your accommodation and start the ride from there. We can also use our car and trailer to transfer to a desired location to let us explore further afield.
6Is transportation included in the price?
Usually transportation is not necessary because we start cycling from our workshop.

To make some more distant routes it is necessary to make a short transfer.
Transportation is included in the price for a group between 4-8 people.
Transportation between 1-3 people costs €45.
7Are there food stops and other stops during the day?
It depends on the tour we do. On medium and expert tours there are usually a lunch stop it could be either tapas or “menu del día”. On easy level tours, snack stop are more usual.

Bikes And Accessories

1Should I hire or bring my own bike?
You are always welcome to bring your own bike with you, however, with ever increasing airline luggage charges and excess baggage risks coupled with the inconvenience of bike transport and fear of your bike not arriving when expected or not arriving in the same condition as you packed it!! We recommend you seriously consider the bike rental option, just bring your pedals and possibly saddle, we fit them to the hire bike making sure that the bike is set up for your maximum comfort and cycling efficiency and you’re ready to ride. If you bring your own bike make sure it is fitted for Spanish mountains. Tyres and brake performance are essential.
2What type of bike do I need if I bring my own?
If you decide to bring your own, you must have a well-maintained bike in a good condition for either mountain biking or road cycling, especially the brakes and wheels are important. Make sure it is fitted for Spanish mountains. If you have any doubts about your bike's suitability, do ask us.

Don’t forget to bring puncture repair kit, spare inner tubes, a full set of replacement brake pads and tools specific to your bike.
Cycling shoes and SPD pedals or similar are strongly recommended.
3Do you provide helmets to the rental bikes?
Yes, a helmet is included in the price when you rent a bike. Although we suggest that you bring your own for a good fit.
4Do I need to bring anything with me if I’m hiring a bike?
We recommend you to bring your own helmet, pedals and corresponding shoes and possibly your own saddle.

Our bikes come with helmet, flat pedals and a saddle pack with one inner tube, a set of tyre levers and pump.
5What accessories do you provide with the rental bikes?
Our bikes come with helmet, flat pedals, pump and a saddle pack with one spare inner tube and a set of tyre levers.

We have pedals for rent: Shimano SPD, Shimano SPD-SL and Look Keo.

6What pedals are fitted on the hire bikes and can I bring my own?
All bikes are fitted with flat pedals as standard. You are welcome to bring along your own pedals and we will gladly help you to fit them correctly to your bike.

If you want to travel light we have Shimano SPD, Shimano SPD-SL and Look Keo pedals for rent for €3/day, maximum €10 per rental.

7Can you deliver to different areas around Costa Tropical?
Yes we can deliver our bikes to different areas around Costa Tropical. A delivery charge may be applicable depending on your location. If you have specific requirements, contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

To Bring

1What do I have to bring on a Cycling holiday?
- Suitable clothes and shoes for cycling. Bike pants, gloves, bike shirt etc.
- Windbreaker (except for summertime)
- Sunglasses
- Sunscreen
- Passport
- European Health Insurance card (EHIC) if you are a European citizen (and not a resident in Spain)
- Copy of your travel insurance

Optional equipment includes:
- Own helmet
- Pedals SPD or similar and corresponding shoes
- Own saddle (Please check interface with us before)
- Water bottle (If you prefer your own)
2What do I have to bring on a Day trip?
- Suitable clothes and shoes
- Windbreaker (except for summertime)
- Sunglasses
- Sunscreen
- Snacks
- Money for emergencies and food stop (depending on the tour)
- Passport/identity card
- European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if you are a European citizen (and not a resident in Spain)

Optional things to bring
(Usually only for more experienced cyclist and medium or expert tours)
- Own helmet
- Pedals SPD or similar and corresponding shoes

Insurance And Safety

1What travel insurance do I need?
Travel insurance is essential as is a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for European residents. The EHIC card allows you to access reduced cost medical services in the European Economic Area. You can apply for an EHIC card for free online and takes around 7-10 days to arrive after application. The EHIC is NOT a substitute for travel insurance as it will not cover mountain rescue, repatriation costs, or losses due to crime or natural disasters.

It is a condition of our holidays that you are covered by a medical and personal accident insurance policy that includes cover for sports activities and repatriation to your home country. Check your insurance company for details regarding cycling activities. Otherwise, there are numerous insurance companies who provide cover that includes a variety of sports and activities.
2Is the company insured?
Yes, the company has liability insurance if anything should happen. But valid travel insurance is necessary to cover personal injuries that might occur. Check your insurance company for details regarding cycling activities.
3Are your guides trained in First Aid?
Yes, our guides are trained and STCW 95 Reg. certified in First Aid. Your safety is our priority and our guides always carry a first-aid kit when cycling.

Booking and Payment

1How do I book a cycling holiday?
Send us an e-mail or complete the “Booking request form” on the "Contact Us" page with the dates you want to travel etc. We will check the availability of your chosen dates and respond via e-mail, normally within 24hrs, with prices of the accommodation that is available to you. If you continue with the reservation, once we have received your deposit, which should be paid within 5 days of making the reservation, we will send you a Booking Confirmation.
2How do I pay for my trip?
Payments can be made by bank transfer or cash. Cash payments accepted in person only, no credit cards accepted. Deposit required at time of booking a cycling holiday and balance to be paid 30 days before arrival.

For Swedish customers we also accept payments with Swish and via Bankgiro.
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