Andalucía is a very special region in Spain. It is rich in history, and culture, and its people are warm and friendly. The geography is stunning – within a radius of 35 km, the Mediterranean coast and Sierra Nevada Mountains merge to rivers, valleys, hidden waterfall pools, beautiful small coastal towns, and remote alpine white villages. It is the perfect place off the beaten track for the adventurer.

We are located in one of the most beautiful little villages, called La Herradura, a small coastal village just 50 minutes from Málaga airport. The hidden gem La Herradura lies in the beautiful coastal area called Costa Tropical, a relatively unknown stretch of Spain’s southern coastline. The Costa Tropical comprises the coastline of Granada province. It is named so because of the effects of a microclimate giving the weather characteristics of a sub-tropical location. Along much of this coast, mountains run right down to the beach. This forms a number of stunning headlands, protected coves, and beaches which means that here you can enjoy beautiful beaches surrounded by the spectacular mountain range of the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama to Montes de Malaga, and the Sierra Nevada. Costa Tropical is a popular destination for cycling with a varied terrain including mountains, rolling hills, and a beautiful coastline and the year-round sunny weather encourages cyclists from all around the world.

Costa Tropical has an enviable climate, with an average of 320 sunny days per year

The climate on the Costa Tropical is sub-tropical with more than 320 sunny days each year and an average annual temperature of 20ºC. Costa Tropical has the warmest winter temperature in mainland Europe. Light winds from North Africa, the warm waters of the Mediterranean, and the shelter provided by the nearby peaks of the Sierra Nevada give it Europe’s only sub-tropical microclimate with an average day temperature in Spring of 22ºC, in Summer, 32ºC, in Autumn, 22ºC and in Winter, 20ºC.

The ocean temperature varies depending on the waters rushing from the Atlantic through the Strait of Gibraltar and averages between 24ºC in Summer and 17ºC in Winter.

Due to the sub-tropical weather, they grow a lot of tropical fruits here, mostly avocados, mangos, and cherimoya (also known as custard apple) but also pomegranate, papayas, persimmons, and guavas. The mountains are also packed with figs and almond trees that can help a tired cyclist back on track.

Costa Tropical is very cycling friendly with both plenty of quiet roads for road cycling and tracks in the mountains perfect for mountain biking. Road cycling offers smooth road surfaces along the coast and in the mountains, lack of traffic, and plenty of beautiful whitewashed villages where you can enjoy a coffee or tapas. Mountain biking offers challenging endurance climbs with stunning views as a reward.

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La Herradura

La Herradura is a small village belonging to Almuñécar, with no more than 4000 inhabitants. It is one of the few remaining unspoiled villages on the southern coast of Spain and offers a truly Spanish experience. What was once an old fishing village is now the envy of other coastal towns in the area. La Herradura presents a typical aspect of whitewashed buildings climbing the gentle slopes of a small hill leading up from the beach. The village is situated around one of the most beautiful bays along the south coast of Spain and its name, La Herradura (The Horseshoe), comes from the shape of the bay it overlooks and enjoys over 2 kilometres of beach. The stunning bay is sprinkled with charming Spanish restaurants and small friendly bars that will make you feel at home. Unlike almost anywhere along the coast, development in this area has been restricted in height and you can still enjoy the contours of the natural setting.